Saturday, 3 January 2015

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brush Set Review

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be talking about some brushes that I am sure a lot of you will love- Real Techniques. I have tried a few other real techniques brushes and I have seen a lot of reviews but I haven't seen many on the 'Duo Fibre Set'. I got these from my dad and have been using them for a few good while now so I thought I would share with you my thoughts on them.

So the idea of duo fibre is that they pick up less product so that you can build up the colour. Personally I love this because if you're heavy handed like me with products like bronzer it will only apply a light amount to the skin which allows you to build up to the desired colour/look you want. They have a really light-weight application and doesn't fully push a ton of product onto your skin which I like.

In the set you get a face/powder brush which is good for powder so you don't get that over powdered cakey look. As well as a contour brush which is good for bronzer, blush and highlight or powder on certain part of the face (as it's smaller than the face brush). It controls the product well. Finally you get an eye brush in the set too. This is a great blending brush. 

Personally if your starting out with makeup this brush set is a great one to get because although it may only have three brushes it has a brush for everything you could need. Also duo fibre brushes can work with cream, liquid or powder products so whatever makeup you have the brushes will work well with them.

Moreover the brushes create a perfect, flawless finish. They are super soft which is a bonus however the contour brush can become a little rough if it isn't cleaned regularly but if you wash your brushes regularly then they will be fine. The first time I washed mine they didn't shed. 

If you are someone against animal cruelty don't worry because these brushes are 100% cruelty free.

In the set you get three brushes for £23.99 which works out at about £7.99 a brush which isn't bad when you consider a mac brush is at least £17+.

Shop this post: (These brushes are limited edition however they have been out for a while now)

Well that's the end of this post. I hope you found this review helpful and if you have tried these brushes let me know what you think too.