Sunday, 9 August 2015

Southampton Blogger Meetup #sotonmeetup

photo credit @alicespake instagram.

So yesterday (August 8th) I had the pleasure of spending the day with these gorgeous blogging babes at a blogger meetup in Southampton hosted by Alice and Amy.
This was my fourth blogging event but second hosted by @sotonbloggers and I have to say they didn't disapoint. Hairfinity, ESPA and Jude's ice cream were just a few of the amazing brands that came along.
Before the event and after admittedly, I had some time solo shopping around West Quay and then I met up with Natasha and Charlotte at Starbucks. We made a cheeky trip to Lush then met up with another blogger Hannah and headed up to the meetup together.  I spent most of the day with them as well as mingiling with other bloggers. It was so lovely to spend the day chatting and enjoying a drink or two with people who enjoy the same things as you.
Charlotte, Maddie, Me.
photo credit @natashajrd92 twitter.

There was also a raffle with some incredible prizes from a  sensational kit to a polaroid camera! Unfortunatly I didn't win anything but we did manage to raise £350 to epilepsy society which is a fantastic cause.
My favourite brand of the day were ESPA. Jo the consultant carried out a skin consultation and then gave us some sample products to try for our skin type as well as a voucher for a complimentary facial. The Hairfinity ladies gave us a one month supply of Hairfinity to try out too!

The event was held in Southampton’s Revolution which used to be Vodka Revs. The venue has just been renovated and it looks amazing. It's really spacious and the I would recommend the sweet potato fries because they were sooooo good!

Overall the meetup was amazing and if you are a blogger from Southampton or surrounding areas definatly follow @sotonbloggers for updates on more events
  Once again a massive thank you to all of the bloggers who I chatted to for being super lovely and to Alice and Amy because without them meetups like this wouldnt be as fab.


  1. It sounds like this was really fun!! I've been dying to go to a meetup for a long .
    X, Abril
    The color palette

    1. I was super fun, I would love to do it all over again! I would recommend looking into meetups in your area xx

  2. Great read Sophie,i wish i didn't have my crappy anxiety as i would go to them :( would of been nice to meet you,grrr hate mental health booo xx♥xx looked a great day too

    1. Thanks Vinny, really appreciate it. Honestly, going to meetups has been one of the best things for my anxiety its defiantly worth having a think about. Would have been great to meet you too, perhaps we could meet up for lunch sometime. Hope your well xxx

  3. This meet up looks so great! Glad you had fun :) xx


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