Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Woolley Grange Hotel and Spa Review

Hello everyone,
A while back myself and two friends made a visit along to a lovely little spa in the middle of Bradford upon Avon. We spent one night in this picturesque village. I thought I would share my thoughts about the hotel and share some pictures we took!
The main hotel.
The hotel was called 'Wooley Grange'. We chose the family suite room which had 3 rooms: the main bedroom, the living area with a sofa that could be turned into a double bed and the bathroom. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the bedroom mainly because it became a mess pretty quickly with all our stuff- such a typical girls room! The room was nothing special but from what I've read/seen on trip advisor each rooms interiors are different. 
This is Rex, the hotels dog who is available for cuddles and to take on walks!

In the rooms available to sit in there was free use of games, DVD'S and a PlayStation which you were allowed to take back to your room which is perfect for when travelling with children. 

The facilities at the hotel that were included was an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, room service and private living rooms throughout the hotel which were available for use. The hotel was set in a beautiful 14 acres of land overlooking the countryside. 

We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel. The breakfast was included in the room price and was lovely. Lunch was on the pricey side and had really small portions. For dinner we chose to have room service and actually ordered off the childrens menu because the portion sizes were ample. Dinner was a little bit disappointing my food was quite dry. If I were to stay again I would probably go out for dinner elsewhere. 

Unfortunately we didn't use the spa due to a lack of time. There is so much to do and see at the hotel I would love to go back again to see it all. 

Wooley Grange is just one of 8 of these hotels run by http://www.luxuryfamilyhotels.co.uk/
they have them all around the country from the New Forest to Thornbury. 

Overall I would stay here again, the grounds were beautiful the hotel was peaceful and not overcrowded and the staff were really friendly they even gave us a tour of the hotel when we first arrived. 

If you would like to view the hotel's website 


  1. Ooh I've stayed here before with family, and it is so lovely :0


  2. Good article, you sharing is awesome, love it!